Press Display: New Search Features

Press Display is a database that provides full text access to 800+ newspaper titles from 76 Countries in 38 languages.  It includes a good selection of New Zealand papers including The Press, New Zealand Herald and Dominion Post.  Unlike other products that provide full text access to indexed articles,  Press Display provides access to newspapers complete with images, notices and adverts as they would appear in hard copy. Find Press Display

Press Display only has a 60 day archive of back copies though and attempting to use the search features has been a frustrating experience in the past.  Some recent changes have been made to Press Display’s search features that have improved the experience to the point where whilst there are still flaws relevant results can be retrieved.

New features allow the user to search across single or multiple titles from within a country.  For example this enables a search to be limited to the Press or Christchurch Mail, both or all New Zealand publications in the database.  Limits can be placed by choosing a date range to narrow results to a defined period and keyword results can be displayed by whether they were retrieved from the headline or body of the article.  Fans of Boolean searching can use an advanced search that offers the equivalent of the traditional And, OR, and Not operators and exact phrases can be searched.

Alan Seaton

Information & learning

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