Finding New Zealand scientific information

PeopleFindNZarticles is a collaboration of databases from many contributors, including Index New Zealand, which can be searched independently.  It’s hosted by the National Library who have been working to provide full text access where it is available.

Beginning as a collaboration between Christchurch City Libraries, Dunedin Public Libraries, Landcare Research and the National Library its coverage has now grown to include eight Crown Research Institutes, information from the Royal Society of New Zealand journals, a wide variety of newspaper databases and Maori information from the University of Waikato among others. Indexing has been completed by specialist libraries over a long period of time providing access to back runs of newspapers and scientific journals including our own Papers index as well a to arts and humanities material.

FindNZarticles has a nice search interface with the ability to refine your search, add user tags and to show only online documents. Where possible, links to full text articles are provided but be aware that you may be directed to a table of contents rather than directly connected to the full text of your article.

Many of the databases provided in FindNZArticles are available elsewhere. For example INNZ is available through Te Puna and New Zealand Index as well as through FindNZArticles.  The advantage of searching databases such as INNZ through FindNZArticles is that you don’t just get a citation but you can access external links to full text where they’re available

The Royal Society of New Zealand also provides free online full text access to their journals prior to 2007 and can be browsed in table form or searched utilising the Browse recent abstracts link through Informaworld.  Access to the Society’s journals is provided from our Science and Technology Internet Gateway pages under Association and Institutions.

Darryl Barnaby
Information & Learning


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