BiblioCommons: observations from Hornby and Upper Riccarton librarians

Hornby and Upper Riccarton Libraries have chosen BiblioCommons as their main theme. Combining their talents, some colleagues have chosen to comment on their favourite BiblioCommons features while others have dug deep to produce excellent background articles on the topic, including videos and audio links.

At this point it might be useful to have a brief look at Beth Jefferson, the founder of BiblioCommons. Sarah Harper did the research. Beth Jefferson’s background combines not-for-profit work and private business. She was a member of the management team at Air Miles, one of the USA’s largest retail loyalty programmes.

She also founded a youth literacy initiative, The PerFink Project (Perceive. Feel. Think) which encouraged young adults to read by using the online social networking features they were using in their everyday lives. It was this work combining literacy with social discovery that led Jefferson to create BiblioCommons. She wanted to make the library catalogue central to online library users, just as libraries are central to their community of walk-in customers.

For more on the thinking behind BiblioCommons:

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