Lists on BiblioCommons

Here are my thoughts on lists, my favourite aspect of BiblioCommons!

A handy tip if you are into the lists is that you can change the drop down box from ‘keyword’ to ‘list’ and search for lists of your interest. For example if you search for Sci-Fi lists you get 9 pages of lists to browse at your leisure.

The other way to find lists is to open the record of any book and the lists it is linked to are found in the column on the right titled “Lists that include this title”. Who would have guessed that George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is on the list of “Books Read By Tupac” (I wonder if he mentions it in any of his songs?!).

If you find a list that you particularly like you can click the list creator’s name and see their shelves and other lists they may have created. You can also follow the user which means that when they rate a book 4 stars or more it will appear in your Recommendations page (Explore Menu – Recommendations). Further, you can choose to follow only certain genres or tags but this feature is not operational for me at this point in time.

When you are creating lists it’s good to know you can go back and rename them at a later date.

You also have control over the location of users who can see your list – currently Everywhere, New Zealand, South Island, Canterbury, and Your Library System plus there’s a tick box so you can have private lists.

Dan Donnell
Upper Riccarton Library

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