Nested searching in BiblioCommons

Unless you are familiar with Boolean searching, constructing advanced searches can be daunting but in BiblioCommons, creating ‘nested’ complex searches is straightforward.

I created a nested search string by using the keywords: cuisine, low fat, Indian, vegetarian, mains.
I replaced ALL with ANY, and played around with the search expression by replacing “OR” with “AND”, then I added brackets to create nested groups to create complex nested expressions like:

( keyword1 OR (keyword2 AND keyword3 AND (keyword4 OR keyword5))).

Complicated searches like these can be tagged with simple names. This also hides the search string. I gave my search string the name “Health Food” by adding “&title = Healthy Food” to the URL. This feature would be very useful for sharing the search string with other users.

Rema Krisnhan
Hornby Library

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