The joy of tagging with BiblioCommons

One of my bugbears is that non-fiction books published in the ‘old days’ don’t have indexes. This means that we only have the catalogue record to describe the work, and maybe chapter headings inside the book to give us any idea about the book’s contents. If you have a thing for New Zealand history or family history this can be a little irritating. Does this book mention people or places that I want to know about? You won’t know until you read the book. Hence the joy of tagging.

Here is one I prepared earlier: Mythology and Traditions of the Māori by Rev. J.F.H.Wohlers published in 1875. Check the catalogue description and then look at the tags that I have added. You can see the greater variety of information covered with the tags. As one of my colleagues commented “that looks interesting enough to read”.

When you do a keyword search in BiblioCommons it will search the tags as well. If you are searching for information about preparing a hangi, this booklet will now appear in the search results.

All tags appear in lower case so people and place names won’t have capital letters.

So go forth and tag and make those obscure publications accessible.

You can also gain community credits. I earned one for adding tags to that item. For those of a competitive nature this is a good way to encourage our library community to tag, make lists or review books. Some libraries that are using BiblioCommons use Community Credits to reward customers.

Leonie Miller
Upper Riccarton

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