Diversity Forum 2011

The Diversity Forum is a unique national convention, now in its seventh year, at which people involved in race relations, human rights and cultural diversity come together to share ideas and good practice.

The theme this year was ‘People in harmony’ which was also the theme for Race Relations Day. We attended a variety of different sessions but failing to split ourselves into two or more we couldn’t go to all of them. Some of the key ones were:

You can view forum presentations on slideshare.

Two new books were launched this year. Tangata Tiriti from the Treaty Education Group is a new resource specially written for migrants as an introduction to our very first immigration document. It’s a fun workbook designed for educators or personal use.

The second was introduced to us at the Diversity Librarian Network session. Jenny Magee, the editor, presented New to New Zealand: ethnic communities in Aotearoa: a handbook, an updated introduction to the myriad of minority communities in New Zealand. Look for it in your library or you can ask us – we won the pop quiz and the prize was our very own copy.

We both agreed that a highlight for the event was seeing Deaf Aotearoa receive an award for their work in producing a National Anthem DVD featuring all three of our official languages. Very heartwarming and beautifully presented.

Here are some suggestions on how to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the diversity arena in Aotearoa:

Sarah M and Lisa S

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