Reflections of a ‘Newbie’ conference attendee – the highlights

Well my first LIANZA Conference is now over and I am jotting some thoughts down as i await my flight back to Christchurch. I have enjoyed the experience immensely and the last three days have done much to recharge my all-but exhausted batteries!


Many things stand out as making this a memorable experience for me not least of which is the sense of collegiality with colleagues from across the country but especially with fellow CCL librarians. Other memories which I will carry with me – the eerie similarity of the Michael Fowler auditorium to our own beloved Town Hall; the haunting music and poetry of MC Apirana Taylor and of course some truly inspirational keynote speakers – in particular Andrew Green (Wales), Michael Houlihan (Te Papa) and Jenica Rogers (New York). These speakers whilst acknowledging some very real challenges ahead for our profession in the next few years were also able to engender some hope for the future.

Sometimes however it is the simple things that resonate with us and give the best opportunity of trying some small thing that may make a difference to our customers. Andrew Booth, an evidence based library and information practice exponent from the UK discussed the idea of helping people get the best outcome with the way they currently search for information instead of always trying to force our own concepts of information literacy upon the hapless searcher! A simple notion with much to recommend it?

Reports from conference attendees and speakers are starting to appear online if you want to read more.

For anyone thinking about going to conference in the future – give it a go! You have nothing to lose but potentially a lot to be gained.

Debbie Fox

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