Behind the scene at the Library book sale

Booksale organisers
Book sale workers

It is a very different experience to work at the library book sale at Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre than it is to shop at one. When the doors opened at 9am on Friday a wave of book buyers strode through the doors and created a feeling in me of sheer panic! Was my quick practice with my first EFT-POS machine going to be enough to cope under the stress of such numbers? Was my basic arithmetic going to hold up?

Within minutes I did not have time to worry anymore as people lined up with their bargains in bags, boxes and the occasional suitcase! Despite busting for a bathroom and some caffeine I hit my stride quickly and before I knew it two hours had passed! This was when something truly beautiful happened…

While I was serving another customer, a woman I had recently served had gone and brought me a cup of coffee and put it down by my EFT-POS machine. This was not just any coffee – this was a grown up cafe style coffee! I have to admit I was rather taken back! Did I look that harassed? I had noticed I was sweating so much that my mascara had run down my face like I had just left a heaving nightclub. But no, this lovely woman just smiled politely and told me it was a gift –  a moment of thoughtfulness in a stressed world.

To that lovely woman out there who gave a sweaty librarian a coffee to help soothe her nerve endings I say thank you! May your kindness come back to bless you ten fold.

Check out our book sale photos.

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