Chris Brown, librarian of renown

photoIt’s always great to see some positive library messages on television and even more exciting when one of our own stars in that message. TVNZ7 has just started its excellent series The Good Word Junior. Watch Series 1, Episode 1 and you’ll see a cameo by Chris Brown who last year swapped a starring role at Customer Welcome for the Auckland Central Library information desk.

Chris is still modelling her interesting t-shirts and funky fingernails and the camera loves her. The intrepid junior reporter takes a tour of Auckland Central which includes  historical footage.(Starts at 13.35 in the video). If you read the other day about sprinklers going off at Auckland Central it is not the first time. Far worse happened a few years ago when a forklift fell through the building smashing the system and sending water gushing everywhere.

The Good Word Junior is well worth the watch along with its adult version. You can watch previous episodes here for some great book reviews and interviews with authors. Its like having a book festival in your living room.

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