The train

The train has arrived at Central Library Tuam.

The Social Library: How Public Libraries Are Using Social Media on ReadWriteWeb mentions our compadres Wellington City Libraries, and Library Thing:

While library users could just go and get reviews and recommendations from Amazon or Goodreads, it does seem useful to have them integrated into a library’s catalog.

Cycling for Libraries – A Tame the Web Guest Post by Mace Ojala

At Cycling for libraries we assume each and every participant is an expert in their profession, and has something valuable to share, and also a lot of things to learn. We assume that we are all intelligent, and also physical, social, emotional and beautiful beings. A one-and-a-half week bicycle journey works as a framework for this. We design and build our unconference not to be hostile to life, but to be lifelike itself.


This Sunday 23 September 2012,  the LIANZA Conference kicks off – follow and the hashtag #lianza2012. There are some pretty highpowered peeps in attendance. we’re planning to get some posts from our attendees to share with you all.