Conversation not Consultation – LIANZA 2012 Day 2

It has been really interesting here today. Heather Lamond kicked the day off with an address that challenged all of us to tell our stories to everyone we meet. Advocacy for libraries starts now, not when we’re facing a crisis. We need to talk to our politicians and make our voices heard through convincing our friends and our social circles about the good of what we do, so that they can tell our story too.

Meredith Farkas followed her with a fabulous keynote speech that was really all about how to manage for change and innovation in libraries. She really focused in on social media and all of those great initiatives that have died a neglected death in libraries around the world. How do we make change both innovative and sustainable? There was a lot in this talk that I’ll be taking straight back to work to talk over with my teams, but Meredith was very clear that everyone, in whatever position can affect change in libraries. Keep an eye on the LIANZA website for the publication of paper – it’s well worth catching up on.

As if that wasn’t enough the final sessions that I attended from today all really pushed conversation as a necessity when engaging with our communities. DK was entertaining and challenging about how we could use social media to really connect with our customers and market our services by engaging them in conversation. Diane Henjyoji presented her MIS paper that covered almost the same thing, but from a much more empirical standpoint. She has studied CCL’s use of social media directly and was both encouraging and challenging about how we do things. Are we engaging in social media to build a relationship or to market our service and where does greater the value lie? What do you think?

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