We are awesome, passionate superhero librarians

“We are awesome, passionate superhero librarians”…the opening address at LIANZA2012 was from Meredith Farkas who is the Head of Instructional Services at Portland State University.

I’m pretty sure she’s right about that. The notion of recreating the library experience – to capture the public into continuing to use, or start using library content and facilities is an ongoing mission (should you choose to accept it). As Meredith suggests ‘retooling’ our libraries on a reduced budget – it’s not easy.

But once these ideas are implemented how do we sustain and keep the momentum? Innovations to enhancing the library experience are so new and exciting and well intended to begin with but enthusiasm wears. Then we are in danger of our great ideas waning as life takes over.

Meredith encouraged us to question everything – what we do and how we do it – does it actually work to achieving our shared team goals. Transforming the overall library experience we need to be looking outward, developing external partnerships, be encouraged to take risks, communicate about any changes often. Above all, anchor those changes by removing barriers and having the necessary resource to sustain.

What ideas might you have that you can sell to your team leader and team in your library?

See a slide show of Meredith’s speech or watch a video of her presentation at conference.

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