Blogging flavours

Central Library
You are cordially invited to use the wonders of the interwebs to share your opinions. Get posting!

I’ve been teaching some blogging workshops recently. Here are some of the links from those sessions – to places to start getting your blog on, and to blogs that are worth looking at for their content, style and the way they roll:

Blogging platforms

Some of the tools you can use:

Blog inspiration

These blogs are all different, but the common denominator is they are clear in what they aim to do, and they do it well. You might want to share some faves in the comments.


Blogging tips

  • Get used to reading blog posts before you start your own blog. Be a consumer, discover the good blogs and think a bit about what makes them effective.
  • Use comments as a way to dip your toes in the blogosphere.
  • Pictures are powerful – they tell the story, enhance it, and draw people in.
  • Give your blog love, and give your commenters love too. Keep the conversations going.
  • Look for feedback, ask questions and let people know you are interested in their opinions too.
  • Use a notebook or some other device to jot down ideas. Once your brain is in full blogging mode, the ideas will come at all times and you want to catch them if you can.

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