New Professionals Network – If you’re new (like me) then this is just the ticket

I’ve recently found out about a New Professionals Network for people new to the library profession. It’s all very new and jam-packed full of ideas.

They have a blog and this is what they say about themselves:

This blog will trace the evolution of the New Professionals Network in New Zealand from its humble beginnings in February 2013 onwards. It is a central hub of resources, conversations, and information where new professionals (and those not so new!) are able to share their ideas and enthusiasm and take steps into making this dream a reality.

I’ve made my blogging debut about this not just because I think the New Professionals Network will be great but because I think that us newbies at CCL can and should get involved, in fact they’re reaching out for volunteers to be:

  • Website Moderator/Curators
  • Round the World Blog Series – Facilitator
  • Twitter stars!
  • Facebook moderator(s)
  • Skype brainstorming session – Notetaker

So, if you want do get your hands dirty – jump in!
PS: I’m keen to throw some ideas around about how we might collectively contribute, if you’re keen – post a comment on the blog.

One thought on “New Professionals Network – If you’re new (like me) then this is just the ticket

  1. newprofessionalsnz March 22, 2013 / 10:41 am

    Thanks for the mention Remy – it’s exciting to see how this group is taking shape and I’m really enjoying interacting with everyone 😉 I think exciting times are ahead…

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