Maiden post from our IFLA Singapore adventures


Today was our first full day in Singapore and we had library visits planned. The day started well with thunder, lightening and torrential rain – it’s monsoon season in Singapore and we awoke to full on rain. We have a superb view over Sultan Mosque and the Arab Quarter from our room – the attached photo is an attempt at capturing the weather.

By the time we had finished breakfast it was raining only lightly so we headed off to National Library. National Library houses Central Library (which has a themed children’s library), several floors of reference library and a number of meeting rooms, exhibits, study spaces and the like. Dyane and I will be doing a fuller post on what we liked and observed a little later – but I liked the space the children’s library had – very reconfigurable and flexible.

They were ok with photographs – just no flash – so I went a little crazy and took photos of just about everything. The 24 hour book drop had us particularly excited. It had a camera over the internal book bin which meant you (as the customer) could see that your book had made it into the bin. Also exciting was when the bins got whisked away for further processing and the new empty bins slotted into place.

We explored the MRT system and have worked out our next day’s visits – we need to go further out into the suburbs.
As we are on Arab Street I can see there is Turkish apple tea and hummus in our future.

IFLA World Library and Information Congress
79th IFLA General Conference and Assembly
17-23 August 2013, Singapore

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