A customer is wondering where their hold is….

Cover of This book is overdueYou might have a customer who put a hold on a title and is wondering where it is.  On first glance there is no obvious reason why it hasn’t arrived.  Here are a few things you can do.

  • Check the full bibliographic record.  If a title has had its publication delayed, (which happens more than you might expect), we will add a line to the record saying publication delayed and when the item is now due.  You will find this in the 500 field.
  • The other thing to do is using Symphony click at the top of the screen in ‘orders’ just to make sure that there is indeed an order attached – there should be, but occasionally the order may not be there so it is worth passing this information onto one of the selectors and we can check this out for the customer.

To find out how to contact us via email or phone, go to: Library Intranet/Manuals & guides/Content/Content contacts.

Example of a title with delayed publication information in the 500 field.

000 $aam8a0n
001 $a9780847842131
003 $aUK-WkNB
005 $a20130705000000.0
007 $ata
008 $a130513e201311uuxxua g $$$$$$$0$0 eng$d
020 $a9780847842131 (hbk.) :$c$125.00
020 $a0847842134 (hbk.) :$c$125.00
040 $aUK-WkNB$beng$cUK-WkNB
082 04 $a741.6$223
100 1 $aSerafini, Luigi.
245 10 $aCodex seraphinianus XXXIII /$cLuigi Serafini.
260 $aNew York :$bRizzoli International Publications :$b[distributor] Marston Book Services Ltd :$b[distributor] Random House Australia :$b[distributor] David Bateman Ltd :$b[distributor] Simon & Schuster,$c2013.
300 $a416 p. :$b400 col., diagrams ;$c33x23 cm.
500 $aHardback.
500 $apublication delayed. Now due December 2013

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