Report from Rotterdam: International Network of Emerging Library Innovators

Carolyn Robertson and Kate Ogden are in Rotterdam at a meeting of the International Network of Emerging Library Innovators (INELI).

Carolyn reports back on their visit:

Kate gave a great presentation yesterday. This photo shows her slide showing our Maori resources web page.
Kate did a fantastic job highlighting our library network, projects and post-earthquake initiatives.


We have seen amazing presentations from the 27 innovators from across the globe. Many fantastic initiatives some on very small budgets providing services in developing countries against the odds.

We have heard about some relevant projects such as the new Aarhus Library. We are keen to capture their ideas and processes to develop new service models.


Today we are joined by the first INELI group, cohort 1, for an unconference on innovation, Tomorrow we will be visiting three libraries.

We  have been given an amazingly warm welcome by the INELI people, and are meeting so many new people and the buzz of excited conversations is  happening all around.

Kate and I also visited Delft on Saturday when we arrived and saw DOK the public library and the University of Technology Library which is new and very interesting.

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