Top of the web in 2013

Kia ora. As we end 2013, here is a look back at the webpages, tweets, photos, Facebook and blog posts that proved popular.

Top 20 website pages

  1. Image of girl jumpingKids
  2. The Source
  3. Cemeteries and Cemetery Records
  4. OverDrive
  5. Collective nouns for animal groups
  6. Childrens’ mathematics picture books
  7. Libraries
  8. Press Display
  9. North Island Cemetery Databases
  10. South Island Cemetery Databases
  11. Male, female and baby animal names
  12. Freegal
  13. Hours
  14. Inventors and their inventions
  15. Check your account using My Account
  16. Inventors and inventions
  17. Famous New Zealanders
  18. Auckland Cemetery Databases
  19. Heritage
  20. Family History

2013’s top 10 blog posts

  1. Cover of Two girls in a boatBest book covers of 2013 – My pick of New Zealand’s finest
  2. Haere ra Central Library on Gloucester Street
  3. Cats r us
  4. Libraries: Intellectual freedom and access to information
  5. Central Library Tuam is closing on Friday 1 November
  6. NCEA Booklists (2010)
  7. Sexy Avocados and Shocking Books (2009)
  8. “Mathematics is not as pure as you assume”: Sylvia Nasar and Masha Gessen at Auckland Writers and Readers Festival
  9. Poetry competition winners for 2013
  10. Back to the future – Librarians in 1982 and 2013

Photos on Flickr

At the end of May 2013, we were at 1,303,439 views. We end the year on 2,093,198 page views.

Top on TwitterShand's Emporium

  1. Are you a Shand’s Emporium fan? See our page & a book about the Shand Family is out soon  ^DR 13 May 2013
  2. Mar 20, 2013 New Regent Street was beautiful even when it was just a twinkle in an architect’s eye. ^DR 20 March 2013
  3. Check here if you want to see what electorate you will be in under the proposed boundary changes. ^DR 20 November 2013
  4. Our very own Central Library Tuam is in The Guardian. Chuffed as! #chch libraries FTW. ^DR 9 April 2013
  5.  A story in the Leicester Mercury about #chch cathedral bells.  via @LemuelLyes ^DR 16 December 2013

Facebook favourites

  1. Christchurch Photo Hunt is on. Add your photos and you will be helping build an archive of Christchurch images. AND you could win a tablet or one of 3 e-readers. A win win! ^DR
  1. Pawnee in the tv series Parks and Recreation looks a lot like Christchurch in this map doing the do on Twitter. Check it out. ^Donna
  1. Bishopdale’s temporary library – Open today in #chch! 12,000 items in its collection & computers to use. ^DR
  1. RT @beckeleven: Ha! Just found out the guy fawkes fireworks at Brighton next week go along with 50 years of Bond music. Cracking.
  1. Central Library Tuam will close on Friday 1 November – here’s what you need to know ^MO

If you are interested in how we derive our rankings, we measure page views on our website, reach for Facebook posts, and clicks for tweets.

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