Library Life 4 lyfe

Over at Library Journal, the latest batch of Movers and Shakers – 50 passionate library people – is out.

Here in Aotearoa, librarians are sharing their ideas and practices in Library Life.The first issue of Library Life for 2014 is out – in PDF format.

Library Life editor Abigail Willemse has put together an interesting selection this month. The focus is social media and how to blend (or separate) the personal and professional.

Cath Sheard (on Twitter as @kiwilibrarian) in Being social can be professional too (p.11-12):

If what you’re saying is meant to matter, let people identify you.

Judi Kercher of Massey University in Social media reflects real life … (p. 13) argues:

To me, social media reflects different aspects of me – my work life and my personal life and, as I keep them separate in real life, I also keep them separate online.

There is plenty more interesting professional stuff to explore, with reports on IFLA and volunteering in Timor-Leste.

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