Top of the web in 2014

Kia ora. Here is a look back at the webpages, tweets, photos, Facebook and blog posts that proved popular in 2014.
Chess, Cathedral Square Minecraft Julia Gillard

Website pages

Our new website was launched on 2 December. In its first month, it received 262,309 page views. stats for 2014:


 Top webpages

  1. Animal names
  2. E-Resources
  3. Kids
  4. About Press Display
  5. About OverDrive
  6. Cemeteries and cemetery records
  7. Library locations
  8. Inventions
  9. Children’s mathematics picture books
  10. 22 February 2011 Canterbury earthquake for kids

Popular blog posts

  1. NCEA Booklists
  2. Walk, bike, or skate through the Lyttelton Road Tunnel – Sunday 31 August 2014
  3. School holidays – September / October 2014
  4. Childrens’ and Young Adult Book Sale
  5. Best reads 2014
  6. Dirty Politics has landed as an eBook
  7. Women scientists in New Zealand
  8. Ngaio Marsh – Crime writer now in eBooks.
  9. Science for kids – the Under 5 Fest
  10. Help us find the last of the retro shopkeepers

Photos on Flickr

Our Flickr images got 1,748,469 page views in 2014. Flickr is now at 3,841,667 page views.

  1. Harewood Airport
  2. Flooded Avon River on Oxford Terrace
  3. Flooded Avon River on Oxford Terrace
  4. Flooded Avon River on Oxford Terrace
  5. Flooded Avon River on Oxford Terrace

Top on Twitter

We gained 557 followers in 2014, taking our total to 3317 followers. The most popular tweets of 2014:

    Best music books 2014 @GuardianBooks – +1 that @viv_albertine‘s memoir is top … Read it  ^DR
  3. Mr @damonayoung donated his books to the library, a great gesture – they’ll be added to our collection. #wordchch ^DR
  5. What will this year’s @publicaddress Word of the year be? Us wordyphiles must know! Have your say … ^DR
  7. This Father Christmas (pre-1910) is a bit of a frosty hipster. ^DR
  9. One not to miss: @Te_Papa’s Kirstie Ross will talk abt her #WW100 book on Fri 17 Oct 6-7pm ^VT

Facebook favourites

We got 439 new likes in 2014, and now have 3965 “likers”.

Lisa Simpson (!) has chosen 25 books every woman should read, including The Luminaries Do you agree with her choices? Are there any notable omissions in your opinion? ^Vanessa

Spring things in Latimer Square. Very cute! ^Donna.

Yay! The weather cleared for the Treetech Guy Fawkes Fireworks Spectacular at New Brighton Beach ^ Brendon

A little quiz to start the day… I got 13/17 but there was a fair bit of guessing going on (yay for multichoice!) How did you do? ^Vanessa

Here’s looking at us, kids. ^Donna

If you are interested in how we derive our rankings, we measure page views on our website, reach for Facebook posts, and impressions for tweets.

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