One library, two blogs

Since the arrival of our new website, we have been running two blogs.

Blogs (new!)


  1. These posts connect nicely with web pages, so you can see them display on the right hand side of relevant content. See Art.
  2. We can embed Flickr photosets into these posts. See Street art.


  1. Only library members can comment on posts.
  2. Library Web Team cannot easily see if there are any comments, and therefore can’t respond to people’s queries, requests or comments.
  3. People cannot subscribe.

New blogNew blog post

Christchurch City Libraries blog (old!)


  1. It has been going since 2007 and has a substantial readership that is still growing.
  2. People can comment easily, and we are alerted to their comments.
  3. People can subscribe and have the latest post delivered to their email, or have it available in their WordPress dashboard.


  1. It doesn’t connect up with the new website.

Old blog

What next?

We will continue running the two blogs at the moment, as the new one does not have the full functionality of the previous blog. Here is how we envisage the system working.

  • Bloggers can write their post in either environment, and the Library Web Team will edit and publish on both blogs.
  • The Library Web Team will link to Christchurch City Libraries blog when we publicise posts.
  • At the end of the posts on Blogs, the Library Web Team will add the words Kōrerorero mai – Join the conversation and link to the comments section of the Christchurch City Libraries blog.
    Here is an example: Feminism is a feminist issue (Join the conversation added to the bottom of post, linking to
  • The Library Web Team will make content cards for some posts so they can appear in the Browse sections of the web site. See Books.
  • The BiblioCommons catalogue has a new feature. We can now link blog posts to the catalogue. This is a nifty development you can see in action – under the bib record for Fire and movement by Peter Hart you can see “Opinion” and “Staff blog post”. Hey presto, there’s a link to Kat Moody’s blog post. The Library Web Team will do this addition as part of our publishing process.

More blog info:

  • The Christchurch kids blog has been discontinued, and kids’ content will now be published on the blogs in the same way as other topics.
  • The Bibliofile blog (that you are on right now) will remain as a place to post on professional topics.

We are working with BiblioCommons to get the new blog doing all the things we want it too.

In the meantime, the old blog has been reskinned and given a new theme and fresh look. It is linked to in the footer navigation of the website. Blog on!

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