Variety in Vancouver

Surrey City Library

Iconic building and external design features with wow- linking Civic buildings and Library. Emphasis on people places, digital literacy, settlement services,outreach and programming.

North Vancouver Public Library

Poopulation 55,000- membership 45,000. Living room of the community. Connecting with you, the community and through technology. 1400 walk in and 1000 digital library usage per day. Opened 2008 and responding to customer feedback re services and space. Digitization room heavily booked.

Vancouver Public

The library resources are visible on street walks – authors and books profiled on street lamps, how cool is that!  Hold this thought: great idea to re-engage our community with Central City Library and have fun. Make it interactive with elements similar to latest Pokemon Go. Amazing aboriginal Storyteller in residence.

Accessible services for all: print/perceptual disabilities access to over 200,000 items in accessible formats

This library is about to embark on a makeover to increase floor area children’s, innovation lab, specialist heritage collections. These rennovation will also increase flexibility of floors 7 and 8.

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