Top of the web – January to March 2019

Kia ora. Here’s our summary of the webpages, blog and social media posts that were popular from January to March 2019.

Website pages

There were 987,474 page views from January to March.  The bracketed listing indicates the place the page held in the last set of statistics. The most popular pages on

Popular blog posts

Popular blog posts published from January to March on the website:

Photos on Flickr

Flickr now has a total of 9,183,648 views:

  • 134,239 views in January.
  • 122,262 views in February.
  • 109,184 view in March.

Top on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter. As at 1 May, we have 5110 followers.

Facebook favourites

Like us on Facebook. As at 1 May 2019, we have 9561 likes.

In on Instagram

We are trialling Instagram.  Our first post was on 11 February 2019.

As at 1 May, we have 562 followers.

Most popular posts:

If you are interested in how we derive our rankings, we measure page views on our website, organic reach for Facebook posts, reach for Instagram posts, and impressions for tweets.

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