Tweetapalooza at the LIANZA Conference 2015

The LIANZA Conference 2015 was brilliant – loud, proud, full of ideas. And the rowdiness wasn’t just in the building – it was online. I’ve never been to an event where so many people were tweeting, taking pics, and typing on devices. I got to meet plenty of the wonderful library people I connect with on Twitter.

It was a veritable Tweetapalooza – the hashtag #shout15 was even trending on NZ Twitter at various times.

I’ve pulled together a bunch of conference tweets using Storify. It is a good way to get the flavour of Shout! Karanga Rā:

Stuart Palmer  @s_palm did some great analysis of how many #shout15 tweets were published, how they connected, etc.  9561 tweets recorded as at 12 November.

The hashtag #shout15 still has legs, as keynote speaker Ned Potter has shared this frank and wonderful post on what it means to come all the way to Aotearoa for a conference.

I’ve been thinking of another thing to consider about tweeting from a conference – should you tweet as your institution, or as yourself? I made the call to do it as the library. There are pros and cons to that – tweeting as Christchurch City Libraries meant we showed we were in amongst it. But it also meant people who follow @ChristchurchLib got a lot more insider library stuff than usual. It’s open to debate.

Why is Twitter so useful at a library conference?:

  1. A tweet shows ideas that hit the mark, provoked, excited, challenged, surprised. It is like an exclamation marking saying “This!”
  2. You can get a glimpse into the sessions you didn’t go to. Your envy might be mollified (or enhanced) by the way someone tweets about it.
  3. It is a handy aide–mémoire for recalling the ideas that you found most interesting. Makes writing up your notes much easier! You’ve already used the highlighter by tweeting something.
  4. It allows anyone who is not at conference to see what people are shouting about.
  5. You can use the hashtag to hunt out other people’s splendid thoughts. And share them, passionately.

Finally, I’d like to do a shoutout for @leerowe who did something that combined Twitter (digital) and analogue in a deeply appealing way – it is proof that the way you use Twitter at a conference can be idiosyncratic, personal, and filled with character.

Top of the web – October 2015

Kia ora. We explore what Christchurch City Libraries’ webpages and blog posts and social media postings were popular each month – so we can learn more about what our customers are interested in.

Nao Robots - Fun Palaces at Central Library Peterborough
Fun Palaces. Saturday 3 October 2015. Photo by Pam Carmichael Photography. Flickr: CCLFunPalaces-2015-10-3-Fun Places – 16 – Fun Times – 16 – 1590

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There were 379,819 page views in October. The most popular pages on

  1. Press Display about page (1st last month)
  2. 22 February 2011 Canterbury earthquake for kids (2nd last month)
  3. Kids browse page (3rd last month)
  4. Books browse page (4th last month)
  5. My account (5th last month)
  6. OverDrive resource page (7th last month)
  7. Fun Palaces (NEW)
  8. New titles (NEW)
  9. Christchurch Photo Hunt (NEW)
  10. Learning centres (6th last month)

October’s popular blog posts

On the Christchurch City Libraries blog – 68 posts published:

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Flickr is at 4,901,905 page views. There were 77,726 views in October.
Our new most-viewed image: Storytime at the Library..

Storytime at the Library
Storytime at the Library. Storytime at the children’s section of the Canterbury Public Library still has lots of appeal with city youngsters during the school holidays. Here Margaret McPherson (Children’s Librarian) reads to a group Appeared in the Christchurch Star Home edition 13 May 1968 page3 Flickr: CCL-Star-525. From the collection of the Christchurch Star

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Abigail Breslin makes her publishing debut with a collection of hilarious essays on love, loss, & Tumblr ^VT

Morena Christchurch! Don’t get all twisted if you missed #funpalaceschch yesterday – DO IT TODAY! #FunPalaces II ^DR

Kia ora to the UK #FunPalaces – special aroha to my whanau Sarah & Neal telling stories at Brockwell Lido. ^DR

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Wow – the University of Canterbury‘s Ilam Gardens are looking gorgeous. ^Donna

It is 30 years since Elizabeth the elephant seal died on Sumner Beach.…/elizabeth-the-elephant-seal-stars-… We have the book and this cool photo from Kete Christchurch – having a bit of a bask on Avonside Drive. ^Donna

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe – Stormtroopers love the self checkout too. Saturday was Star Wars Reads Day at Shirley Library. Read Moata’s post to get clued up on all things Star Wars. ^Donna

When is our Facebook page most busy? 8pm at night!

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NDF 2015: Potted highlights

NDF, or the National Digital Forum holds an annual event for the GLAMs sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) that focuses on things digital. While this might sound incredibly niche it’s actually very broad – you can hear industry experts and practitioners speak on everything from data-mining to digital inclusion to social media. It’s about how we store, organise, describe, and enhance our collections and about how we present, share, and communicate them to users.

The conference itself is only two days, but workshops beforehand and other gatherings (including an AGM and newbies breakfast) help pad out the schedule. There’s a lot in there. I’ll likely write more fully on a couple of stand out sessions for me, but in the meantime here’s a selection of highlights (if anything tickles your fancy, all sessions are now on the NDF YouTube channel – lightning sessions, at only 15 minutes long are a nice length to fit in if you’re super busy)

    • The fanciest coleslawMixing and mingling at morning tea (and lunch and afternoon tea) – Networking opportunities aplenty and a good chance to catch up with people who work in other parts of the country.
    • How crowdfunding is changing the world / Jackson Wood – Something of a shameless plug for PledgeMe but fascninating nonetheless, PledgeMe has raised $8million in 4 years of operation and their single biggest funding effort was for our own “Back the Bull” campaign that raised $206,000.
    • User contributed content / Clare Lanyon and Victoria Passau – Auckland War Memorial Museum’s Cenotaph database has always been an invaluable tool for those researching Kiwi soldiers but earlier this year they started allowing user contributed content. They also talked about their mobile digitisation units which have captured even more stories and images.
    • Social media: Do you have an exit plan? / Adrian Kingston – Kingston outlined the major issues that surfaced when he did an audit of the Te Papa social media accounts. He found multiple accounts on different platforms, abandoned accounts and a lack of accountability and transparency. Great suggestions for how to assess the usefulness of social media within an organisation and knowing when to “kill” accounts.
    • Our collective connections: How we built a collections-led social media game – Staff from Auckland War Memorial Museum described their #OneThread game – a clue by clue “spot the common thread” Twitter game that was undertaken collaboratively with a group of other GLAMs organisations. The audience tried to play the game as the session progressed and it was pretty tricky and VERY engaging.
    • Collaborative Community Repository / Fiona FieldsendDigitalNZ have been hard at work creating a new home for Kete content, one that aims to be more user-friendly and streamlined. Currently in prototype and we got to have a look at it. Pretty swish from the looks.
    • What it's like making a TV programme
      What it’s like making a TV programme

      How filmmakers use your stuff / José Barbosa – Our institutions are treasure troves of heritage imagery and historical documents but how do creative people use this material and what can we do to help? Barbosa went through the process of producing the documentary series about censorship in New Zealand, “The Naughty Bits” and offered insight into how they searched for, acquired and used the treasures they found. Representative snippet “Papers Past is pretty much The S**t”.

    • Sneak peek: Papers Past Future – National Library’s historical newspapers are getting a revamp. The new interface will create a standardised search across more of the National Library’s digitised publications including magazines (like Te Ao Hou) and journals, letters and diaries, and parliamentary papers. Expect a beta version to be out in the next couple of weeks.
Papers Past new interface
Papers Past’s new interface
  • The NDF Awards – The end of the conference was marked by presentation of the inaugural NDF Awards, where clever, innovative bunnies got some acknowledgment for their efforts. I would like to see Christchurch City Libraries as a serious contender for at least one of these next year. Gauntlet thrown!

New professional reading

Those of you who are doing study towards a library qualification, or just interested in Library and Infomation studies might be interested in these new books that have been ordered for the Library Network.



Digital,Tech, and Web

Library profession, professional development, and study

Planning and buildings


Social Media

Top of the web – September 2015

Kia ora. We explore what Christchurch City Libraries’ webpages and blog posts and social media postings were popular each month – so we can learn more about what our customers are interested in.

Textile librarian and book trolley
Textile librarian and book trolley, Linwood Library, Flickr: 2015-09-20-IMG_0155

Website pages

There were 317,124 page views in September. The most popular pages on

  1. Press Display about page (1st last month)
  2. 22 February 2011 Canterbury earthquake for kids (2nd last month)
  3. Kids browse page (4th last month)
  4. Books browse page (3rd last month)
  5. My account (5th last month)
  6. Learning centres (6th last month)
  7. OverDrive resource page (7th last month)
  8. Holiday programmes, events, and activities (NEW)
  9. Staff Pickles (NEW)
  10. Online resources A to Z directory (NEW)

Our page on Kate Sheppard popped into the top 30 as NZ celebrated suffrage for women on 19 September.

September’s popular blog posts

On the Christchurch City Libraries blog – 58 posts published:

Quietly, rather discreetly, we passed the 5000 blog post milestone this month. Thanks to all or bloggers with the passion for writing and sharing information.

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Christchurch Photo Hunt is on! We want yr photos , & you could win a tablet or eReader. ^DR

Colouring in at Central Library Peterborough, #funpalaces style. #funpalaceschch ^DR

“Dogged determination to create value no matter what” – Stella Duffy, #funpalaces co-director on #funpalaceschch ^DR

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We are women, hear us roar! It is Suffrage Day. 122 years ago, women in New Zealand got the right to vote. Kia ora to great women present and past, and special aroha to strong wahine who fought the fight, like these heroines featured on the Kate Sheppard Memorial. ^Donna (57 shares)

This time next week these boxes and crates will be at Fendalton Library and you’ll be able to buy their contents for the paltry sum of ONE DOLLAR per item.
The Children’s book sale starts next Thursday at 10am. ^Moata (23 shares)

In my experience, you can never have enough bookshelves – here are some decorative and more or less practical ones to lust after. I’m a fan of the spirals – what’s your favourite? ^Vanessa

If you are interested in how we derive our rankings, we measure page views on our website, organic reach for Facebook posts, and impressions for tweets.