Love your web content

Erin KissaneOn Valentine’s Day I was thinking webby thoughts at  a Webstock workshop Content Strategy in (your) real world presented by content strategist, editor and writer Erin Kissane.

Here is a quick summary of her quotable gems on web content:

  • Good content is useful and purposeful.
  • Be a proponent of sectional landing pages, lots of people aren’t coming in the home page
  • Serve the real humans, and you are serving the smart machines
  • Five good examples trump 30 written guidelines when it comes to demonstrating style.
  • Write a site purpose document and use it as a measuring stick “Nothing goes on the website unless it does this thing”
  • You can do all the content tweaking you like, but it doesn’t matter if people can’t find it.
  • We need to represent users’ content needs.

Find out more in her slim volume The elements of content strategy.