Thoughts of a conference ‘Newbie’

logoLIANZA 2011 conference kicked off for me with a very early arrival at the airport for the flight to Wellington (after a very late arrival the previous evening from Melbourne). Feeling a little weary the morning was spent  checking into the hotel, hot chocolate with CCL colleagues and registration.

The afternoon was taken up with two overseas keynote speakers  (Martin Molloy and Molly Raphael) dealing with the problems public libraries face in this the era of the credit crunch. Most of us have heard of the difficulties facing UK libraries in particular – 400 branch and mobile libraries have closed there. A very sobering statistic for our profession.

Exhibitors are in evidence everywhere and it is interesting to see what is new in the marketplace especially as most of them have the added incentive of chocolates, free bags and the opportunity to win an iPad 2!

Day two in Wellington has provided the opportunity to meet up with some fellow MIS students at the ‘Newcomers’ morning tea and listen to a very thought provoking speaker  – Dr Aroha Mead speaking about WAI 262. She gave us the essence of this very lengthy 1000 page document in a concise and sometimes humorous presentation.  A visit to the Te Papa library will be the highlight of my afternoon today. Days are full on and surprisingly exhausting with the sheer amount of information on offer and networking with colleagues from a diverse range of libraries.

Reports from conference attendees and speakers are starting to appear online if you want to read more.

Debbie Fox

Interviews and books and adventures

The blog Books and Adventures features the latest news, interviews and features from writer-educator Dr. Matt Finch. Two recent posts have related directly to us at Christchurch City Libraries and are well worth a read (as is the rest of the blog):