Some light library inspo to start the New Year…

Because really who wants to tackle some heavy reading or weighty issues first up in 2016?

I was fortunate enough to attend Shout! Karanga Rā, the annual LIANZA conference in Wellington in November.  Unlike the physical exhaustion I experienced in completing the my first half marathon in Queenstown that same month, post-conference it was my brain that was overwhelmed after four days of ideas, conversations, laughter, themes and information.

Speakers from New Zealand and around the world inspired, challenged and made us laugh. In the interests of keeping things light to kick off the year, here are some memorable quotes and comments that captured my attention:

“The library listens, interprets and makes awesome things happen” + The public library should be fun!” – the effervescent Justin Hoenke Director of Benson Memorial Library in Pennsylvania.

“Australia is full of bogans” – Ghil’ad Zuckermann, chair of Linguistics and Endangered Languages at the University of Adelaide, currently working on the revival of the Barngarla Aboriginal language. Fascinating style of delivery for his keynote opening with a Hebrew song sung to the tune of Pokarekare Ana and great application of the ‘Driver Reviver’ message to saving languages.

“Everyone f**king hates councils, but everyone loves libraries” – Nigel Latta wondering why his council doesn’t promote their libraries as their awesome service to improve credibility with their ratepayers + “work life balance is bollocks” + “practice a growth mindset” – changing your worldview from fixed to one open to change.

“The World Wide Web is the reading room of the 21st century” – Bill MacNaught, National Librarian.

“The library is the Agora of the community” + “libraries need to be more like Bowie” – Kim Tairi, University Librarian, Swinburne University.

Kim Tairi keynote
Kim Tairi keynote. LIANZA Conference. Wednesday 11 November 2015. Flickr LIANZA-2015-IMG_0853

“Do what people need but market what they want” – Ned Potter from the University of York and his Library Marketing Manifesto.

Ned Potter
Ned Potter. LIANZA Conference. Tuesday 10 November 2015. Flickr LIANZA-2015-IMG_0702


New in professional reading

This is a list of recently purchased titles, (in a fairly dull format unfortunately) but hopefully brimming with interesting titles for your professional enjoyment! Topics covered include searching, study, library design, leadership, web design and social media.


Computer skills:

Professional development:




Web design and social media:

Jane Keenan.  Library Content, Selection and Access

CCL at LIANZA 2013

Christchurch City Libraries were well represented among the presenters at LIANZA 2013.

Sally also presented on her recent European trip and we’ll post that as soon as we have it.

The full range of conference papers from LIANZa 2013 can be found on the LIANZA website.

Get an international mentor today! (or maybe in September…)

International Librarians NetworkThe International Librarians Network is a peer mentoring program aimed at helping librarians develop international networks. They believe that innovation and inspiration can cross borders, and that spreading networks beyond our home countries can make us better at what we do.

Sounds like a good idea to me, such a good idea in fact that I’ve gone and signed up!

If you would like to know more, or even sign up (go on!) take a moment to check them out.

Come on September, only 177 days to go…

New Professionals Network – If you’re new (like me) then this is just the ticket

I’ve recently found out about a New Professionals Network for people new to the library profession. It’s all very new and jam-packed full of ideas.

They have a blog and this is what they say about themselves:

This blog will trace the evolution of the New Professionals Network in New Zealand from its humble beginnings in February 2013 onwards. It is a central hub of resources, conversations, and information where new professionals (and those not so new!) are able to share their ideas and enthusiasm and take steps into making this dream a reality.

I’ve made my blogging debut about this not just because I think the New Professionals Network will be great but because I think that us newbies at CCL can and should get involved, in fact they’re reaching out for volunteers to be:

  • Website Moderator/Curators
  • Round the World Blog Series – Facilitator
  • Twitter stars!
  • Facebook moderator(s)
  • Skype brainstorming session – Notetaker

So, if you want do get your hands dirty – jump in!
PS: I’m keen to throw some ideas around about how we might collectively contribute, if you’re keen – post a comment on the blog.