Top of the web – April 2018

Kia ora. Here’s our summary of the webpages, blog and social media posts that were popular in April.

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Also in the top pages: Anzac Day information

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We are v. jazzed that @arobertwebb – aka Jez out of Peep Show – is coming to Christchurch Tues 15 May (thanks @WORDChCh & @AklWritersFest). We have his brilliant book How not to be a boy (& some of his Mitchell & Webb gems). Book your tickets STAT!  ^DR

Amazing new aerial photos of Christchurch from @ChristchurchCC – this one shows ghost roads in the residential red zone.  ^DR

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, Sat 21 April – we’ve got a list of what’s on in Christchurch, NZ. For an Aotearoa-wide angle, read @dubdotdoh And @publicaddress #RSD2018 #RSD18 #RecordStoreDay  ^DR

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New jobs at Tūranga (New Central Library):
Librarian – Children (Part-Time position)
Librarian – Pasifika (Full Time & Part-Time position)
Librarian – Youth (Part-Time position)
Applications close next Sunday 22 April, 11.55pm.

Lisa used to work here at Christchurch City Libraries, and she is in the new season of Survivor New Zealand. SO EXCITING! What’s the connection between librarians and Survivor? “I think the connection is the nerdish-ness. A lot of nerds like Survivor, and a lot of nerds go super deep on really liking Survivor … I think the librarian stereotype and the survivor superfan stereotype have a lot of venn diagram overlap.”  Best of luck, Lisa! ^Donna

Latest photos from on site at Tūranga (new central library) with the exterior shaped “veils” now going up on the building. Also, it looks like some of the Southbase Construction folk must be Crusaders fans.
See more construction site photos on Flickr ^Moata

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Top of the web – March 2018

Kia ora. Here’s our summary of the webpages, blog and social media posts that were popular in March.

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Also in the top pages: Justices of the Peace (13th) and (22nd).

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“Nearly everyone I’ve spoken to about Writers and Readers so far has named you as their stand-out experience.” @e_heritage sings the praises of @NZFWriters guest @HarryGiles – here in Chch tomorrow! ^DR

Not only does  @parrisgoebel feature in the new book Go Girl, her own book Young Queen is out soon! ^DR

“A star-studded sixties cast parades through the pages of Ruby’s colourful and often disastrous life”: Fee finds #AlltheBeautifulGirl by @ElizJChurch “filled with thrills, spills and glitter.”

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Come and work with us! We have library assistant jobs at Aranui, Bishopdale, Central City, Fendalton, Halswell, Linwood, New Brighton, Sumner – applications close Sun 8 April 11.55pm  ^Donna

Remember the beautiful light displays in the Botanic Gardens in 2015 and 2016? Fabulous news! Botanic D’lights is back for 2018 and will exend to the Arts Centre’s North and South quadrangles as well as the grounds of the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. It will be on for five nights from Wednesday, 8 August. Find out more from Newsline: ^Donna

READiscover your local park READiscover your local park this #ParksWeekMonday 12 to Saturday 17 March. 7 nature books are hidden in 7 parks near 7 libraries. Read & discover your local park and enjoy story time in the great outdoors! Plus there are more fun Parks Week activities – a playdate with wetland wildlife at Hallswell Quarry on Tuesday 13 March, and Messy mud nature play at Bottle Lake Forest Park on Thursday 15 March. ^Donna

If you are interested in how we derive our rankings, we measure page views on our website, organic reach for Facebook posts, and impressions for tweets.

Three wicked problems and one set of strategic directions

One of the benefits of attending a LIANZA Conference is the opportunity, as the cliché says, to broaden your horizons. True to its name, OPEN 2017 did this in spades for me, with a variety of practical workshops and big idea keynotes.

A session that particularly reminded me of the wider importance of our profession was the talk by National Librarian Bill Macnaught. Bill highlighted the National Library’s Strategic Directions to 2030, a document that first saw the light at the end of 2016, but which I had shamefully not been aware of (bad librarian!).

Turning knowledge into value - Strategic directions to 2030
Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa – National Library of New Zealand, Attribution 3.0 New Zealand (CC BY 3.0 NZ)

Yet the three themes (aka in Bill’s words the “wicked problems”) of the Strategic Directions  — Taonga, Knowledge, and Reading — are crucial to the future not just of the National Library but of our country as a whole. You can read more about them on the National Library’s website, but here is my summary for those who like me tend to fall into the tl;dr category.



  • Are we collecting the right things that we want to share for posterity? Are we doing so collectively across the country?
  • Are we looking after these taonga in a fit manner? How do we mitigate the risks to these treasures? (A very pertinent question, given that the very night before Bill spoke there had been a fire at the National Library: the very building that houses our important documents of Nationhood)
  • How do we ensure that the resources that are being preserved digitally will be easily accessible to New Zealanders in a hundred years’ time?


  • How do we make it much easier to share knowledge across New Zealand? How do we overcome the legacy of thinking of our own institutions first?


  • How do we create a nation of readers? According to the Tertiary Education Commission, almost half the adult population struggles with the written word. Functional literacy is not as good as it needs to be to ensure a prosperous and healthy Aotearoa.
Book "whare" in children's area
Book “whare” in children’s area, Christchurch City Libraries. Flickr 2016-01-20-IMG-1205

Focus areas

The Strategic Directions highlight the following areas as key goals:

  • New Zealand’s collections of documentary heritage and taonga will be well-managed and consistently cared for, regardless of format, and readily available.
  • All collecting organisations will have access to expertise to use new technologies and tools, so that digital preservation will be integrated into their collecting policies.
  • New Zealand institutions will act as one knowledge network, with seamless access points.
  • New Zealanders will be engaged with these resources and inspired to create new knowledge, especially resources in te reo Māori.
  • Collections will reflect the diversity of people in New Zealand and the Pacific, and the importance of Māori as tangata whenua.
  • A national campaign of reading for pleasure will improve New Zealanders’ functional literacy levels.
  • New Zealanders will have the digital literacy skills to access and use knowledge.
  • Te reo Māori will be revitalised and used throughout Aotearoa.

Key success factors

Bill identified these key success factors:

  • Collective impact approach and mutually reinforcing activities (e.g. through enabling and demonstration projects that we can all focus on).
  • Acknowledgement that we have common agenda.
  • Shared measurement – we need to be clear about what success look like for all parties.
  • Backbone support from the National Library.
  • And that usual supect: continuous communication.

Do you agree with the themes, issues and focus areas of the National Library’s Strategic Directions to 2030? Or perhaps you have a brilliant idea to help us achieve these?

If so, please spread the word (remember the importance of continuous communication…) and/or email

P.S. Want to read more about OPEN 2017? Check out Kat’s A LIANZA #open17 Bibliography.

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It’s well worth Ōtautahi librarians subscribing to the Aoraki LIANZA blog.  Check out some recent posts:

LIANZA event An evening with Ilona Kish

Ilona took the stage to speak of her current projects as the Director of Public Libraries 2020. She spoke of her key areas of focus:

Building positive perceptions and increasing the visibility libraries for policy makers. Sadly many policy makers haven’t set foot in a library for 10-20 years.

Help librarians connect internationally – to build on the sensibility that it’s really important to talk to people outside of your back yard, leverage your resources, find and connect with others. Keep a sense of what’s going on in your bigger picture.

Some of the challenges Ilona’s considering are:

What will happen to Public Libraries 2020 after Gates Foundation funding ends, they’re spending $150 million over 5 years there is only one of those 5 years remaining.

Hope to capture all the learnings of the last 4 years and make sure they’re picked up by the next generation.

Ilona Kish

Read more of Remy’s post

More interesting recent posts:


Top of the web – February 2018

Kia ora. Here’s our summary of the webpages, blog and social media posts that were popular in February.

Website pages

There were 303,108 page views in February. The most popular pages on

More Waitangi Day and Treaty related posts and pages were high in this month’s rankings, as was the Lunar New Year page (12th place), and Sparks (16th). People were also looking for information on preschool storytimes as those sessions started back for the year.

February’s popular blog posts

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#PeakLibrarian ^DR

Christchurch wastewater system under pressure – please delay showers, washing, and doing dishes. #CycloneGita  ^DR

Sing it, sisters! And yes, we have The Royal We here in Christchurch, New Zealand.  ^DR

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If you want a role that allows you to be a change agent, showcase your leadership skills, and take Christchurch on a new adventure of connectedness – we want to hear from you! We are looking for our new Central Library Manager – Tūranga. Applications close on 8 March. Find out more about working with us at Christchurch City Libraries. ^Donna

Newsline have taken some wonderful photos of Tūranga (New Central Library). You can see more progress pics here:…/christchurc…/sets/72157652379561694 or check out the webcam ^Donna

Latest photos from our new building on Cathedral Square. We’ve got windows now! See more photos on Flickr…/christchurc…/sets/72157652379561694 ^Moata

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